Cooking & raising a dog

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Raising a little puppy is a real challenge. This isn’t the first one I have raised but it has been a long time.

In between monitoring Otera, keeping up with poop and pee, I have been doing some baking.

Saturday I cooked up one of the pumpkins that was donated to the temple. Then I baked up some pumpkin bread. I served it up to the Sangha members after service.

Then tonight I baked up some apples. I may put them over some ice cream or I’ll eat them plain.


2 Responses to Cooking & raising a dog

  1. Davia says:

    Aww cute puppy. For a second I thought that apples and icecream was a close up shot of nato. But i’m glad it was apples. Is Otera (once she is pottytrained) allowed into the temple?

  2. Yes, when she gets potty trained and her teething done she can go anywhere as long as she is with me. But until she is about 3 years old she will spend all un-monitored time in her crate. Better to be safe than very sorry.

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