The Pope – arrogance and crusade mentality

From iPone

The pope of the catholic church says that the only way christians can engage in inter-religous dialogue is if it is assumed by all that christianity is the superior religion.

Truly an example of unfounded arrogance and self agrandisement. The same kind of attitude by that religion that has committed countless atrocities throughout the ages.

The catholic religion as headed by this pope disqualifies itself as a world religion suitable for the modern ages.

What is called for in this age is a religion that is willing to address all the problems that face human kind with humility and in cooperation with all people regardless of faith. And thanks to this pope the catholic church disqualifies itself.


2 Responses to The Pope – arrogance and crusade mentality

  1. Susanne says:

    Wow George

    I d like to know where you got that from. I mean if he s arrogant based on the statement he made I might agree I just havent come across it. When and where did he say that?
    Besides Buddhism I haven t found one other religion that is as tolerant and logic: cathlic, noncathlic, Islam Lutheran etc.
    The only thing I know is that this world is made up of all kinds of people and any one religion is made up of compassionate tolerant hateful or arrogant people; cathlic or buddhists. When I feel like going to church I prefer going to the cathlic church just because of the one fact that the cathlic church honors a woman named Mary. Any other christian denomination is led by the male fairytale of God head. Actually I like Wicca too. Yes Wicca has the true God/dess. 🙂


    There is some disagreement over what the pope may have implied. However, I am not of the opinion that any one should put their faith in parenthesis in order to be able to engage in inter-religious dialogue. It is possible for people to maintain their faith and their firm convictions in that faith, and still discuss solutions to the world problems. There is really too much at stake to not do so.

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