World AIDS Day – 2008

I attended the Charlotte World AIDS Day Interfaith Service last night held at Covenant Presbyterian Church and sponsored by RAIN (Regional AIDS Interfaith Network).  The service was a very moving and inspiring one.  The planning for the service showed great care and forethought, and the service was truly an inter-faith one.  There were Christians, Muslim, Hindu, Jew and Buddhist who gave presentations, prayers, readings, and performances.  The folks from RAIN really poured their hearts out in planning and preparation.  

Sadly, the attendance at the event was low.  Of course it was a Monday evening and it did follow a weekend holiday, however that same kind of complacency is actually the view of many in society.  Consequently as the complacency towards AIDS increases so do the infection rates among all segments in our society.  

I wonder what I can do?  Is there more I can do to increase awareness, to increase aid, to increase community involvement?  I will ponder this more.

Unfortunately I was not in a very good position to take photos of the many happy and hopeful participants.  I do not want to sound too negative, since even if one or two people remember and commemorate and vow to continue the work, then we should celebrate.


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