Finding an old friend

From iPhone

Today after searching on and off for years and almost giving up I was able to track down one of my two best friends from high school and college.

In all honesty I almost have no memories of my younger years except those which involved one or the other of these two people.

Yes I can recall things and people other than these two but none bring forth the emotions like those I have with Donny or John.

When I made that call today to see if I had indeed finally found Donny, and found that I had succeeded I was so excited.

I know that the two of us are entirely different individuals from who we were in HS & college. And perhaps we have nothing in common other than our past. Still it is good to know he has survived.

John, as I learned from Donny has remianed elusive to both of us. Many years ago my parents told me they thought he had been killed in Viet Nam. I don’t know.

Today Donny told me that another of our good friends had died of an overdose. I hope that I can get some more details I would like to add him to my memorial book and offer prayers.

I had feared that something too might have happened to Donny and it was good to hear to the contrary.

What a good day today has been.

Tonight begins a monthly lecture series I will be giving on the Lotu Sutra. In my heart I will dedicate tonight’s lecture to my past friends, wherever they may be.


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