Puppy trip to vet & an idea

From iPhone

Good vet visit. Minor ear infection caught early. With her floppy ears care of them will probably be life long. It will be worth it if it helps in her well being and long life.

Otera Inu - Temple Dog (December 2008)

Otera Inu - Temple Dog (December 2008)

Thinking of having a community dinner/pot luck open to neighbors to promote friendship and understanding. Thinking that it would not be about religion but about creatng community ties.

How can I as a Buddhist and a priest and this space as a temple not just serve our sangha but also be a resource for the community and neighborhood?

Walking the dog through the neighborhood has afforded me the opportunity to meet and speak with my neighborhood. Can I do more?

Now, let me sit with these thoughts in front of the Eternal Buddha.


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