Lotus Sutra – Reflection

1/13/2009 Sky

Charlotte, NC Sky 1/13/09

Last night, was the first class on Lotus Sutra Chapter 2 – Expedients.  Every month I am giving these classes twice in one week.  The same material is being covered on both nights, the intent being that if someone is unable to attend on one evening then there will be another opportunity for them to catch the material.

When ever I talk about the Lotus Sutra I continually remind people of the relationship that exists between our actions and our beliefs.  This is a crucial point, since our actions reflect our belief as it exists in the core of our lives.  If we look at our actions and they are not a reflection of what we say we believe then we need to dig down into our lives and try to discover the real belief.

Further, if we say we believe something then that belief not only should affect our actions it also has further implications as to what other beliefs would fall into place, sort of an “If – Then” logic statement.

We can say to ourselves, “If this is what I believe, Then what should my actions be?” and then “If this is what I believe, Then what does that imply that my other beliefs are?”


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