Baking on a cold winter day

Baking this afternoon.  After working half a day because of a large job that came in to the shop I have been going non stop this afternoon.  The pup and I went for a long walk first then I came home and did a load of laundry.  

A batch of yogurt was the first item on my list of things to make.  Then I made a loaf of banana-raisin bread which is finished baking.


Banana-raisin bread 1/16/2009

 Next I mixed up a batch of chocolate cake to make cup-cakes, and now they are baking.    Well the cup-cakes are done now, the timer is going off and begging me to respond.

It is freezing cold outside today, literally freezing, but inside here in the kitchen it is quite toasty now with the baking that I have been doing.  They say it may sleet or snow tomorrow morning, I hope it does, it would be so nice.  It would be even better if it would snow several inches, I could get a picture of the front of the temple covered in snow.

Soon I’ll have to make a decision about what I’ll fix for dinner, I suppose I do need to eat something healthy, but all of these sweets surely are tempting me.  Maybe I’ll make up some curry Japanese style and have that over rice….yes….that is exactly what I’ll do.

See you later.


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