Myokenzan is actually the name of the mountain where this complex of temples is located.  This is in a very remote area of mountains that run between Kyoto and Osaka.   The temple is dedicated to Myoken who is the deity of the north star.  When I visited there in 2005 I was on a mission to acquire an image of Myoken for a new Nichiren Shu temple located in Houston.  The temple in Houston wanted to be named Myoken-ji however they were told they needed an image of Myoken in order to be so called.   


This temple in Japan is very famous and has an extremely unique main temple.  The temple is all glass, including the floor, in the shape of a star.  The temple building is perched and slightly suspended over the side of the mountain so as to create an effect of being suspended in the air.

Here are some photos of my visit there in April of 2005


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